Monday, October 12, 2009

Bloggers Worth Looking At

There are a couple of bloggers whose content gives me the nuts and bolts, I-can-actually-use-this, kind of stuff I crave.

Matthew Needleman's blog page, Creating Life Long Learners, is one such contributor. I lost (or one might say gained) an hour of my afternoon looking through his page, checking out some new and creative "back to school" activities and enjoying the fact that I was only one of many teachers wondering how to best utilize Independent Work Time. I also found his information on Using Video in the Classroom really inspiring because one of my goals is to do just that and his guidelines and resources made it actually seem do-able! I so appreciate REAL stuff that I can actually use!

Also love Kathy Cassidy's page, which really shows the "live action" of what goes on in her classroom. As I view it, I think about the empowerment of the students involved in creating the material being presented! How exciting to see one's own learning demonstrated to the public in this way. Again, very inspiring stuff, as it only proves to me that all of these tools are readily available and mine for the learning. I have as much capacity to learn how to use them as Kathy Cassidy did - and will!

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  1. I liked Kathy Cassidy's blog. From her blog I found a K blog by Mrs. Freolich that was good, too.